Arkanauts - Building an Impact Investment Collection

With the intention of evolving how profitability and blockchain interact with the environment, Arkanauts takes a stand for change.

May 20, 2022

Introducing Arkanauts

Arkanauts is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection launched on Solana, created by Project Ark. The collection is made up of 4,000 programmatically generated PFP-style NFTs—including about 50 individually-rendered 1/1 pieces—according to the Arkanauts ‘Greenpaper’ (a stylization of the whitepaper).

The driving goal of the project is to promote the protection of the environment while still rewarding its community with its native $WILD token. The Project Ark team believes that the current standard of ‘profitability’ often doesn’t align with the conservation of the environment. Through Arkanauts, the team seeks to change this dynamic and bring a new perspective to profit.


The Arkanauts Vision

Arkanauts is intended to tap into green technology to help advance environmental programs and discussions. As a part of this goal, each Arkanaut NFT will support conservation projects in their environmental preservation efforts, including Ultramarine Ocean Action Summit and Lonely Whale. 

Project Ark understands that NFT projects need both utility and the potential for holder profits to be successful. Each Arkanaut NFT holder will be privy to rewards and granted unique access to information and experiences from the conservation projects being supported. Where Arkanauts seeks to innovate is the perspective toward earning - the project wants to change the relationship between blockchain earning and environmental conservation to be symbiotic.

The NFTs

Arkanauts are composed of two factions: the Talius and the Khandro. The initial Arkanauts release features the Talius faction. The NFTs are designed by Arturo Fernandez Rodriguez (also known as Harto), who has extensive experience in NFT development as well as both fine and performance art. The artwork is three-dimensional with futuristic themes, with each NFT having a randomly distributed set of attributes.

Along with the core 4,000 Arkanauts, Project Ark has also designed other NFTs that offer utility in the Arkanaut ecosystem. These include items for the upcoming ‘Greenverse’ as well as collaborations resulting in 1/1 ultra-rare NFTs.

Public Sale

The Arkanauts public sale will be held in the near future. For updates on the sale, stay tuned to the Arkanauts socials.

Key Features

The Arkanauts collection offers a variety of exciting features for users to enjoy. Below is an overview of some of the most integral parts of the project:

Impact Validators

While charity and crypto have become intertwined as of late, many projects rely on revenue from transactions for their donations. This leads to donations requiring massive marketing efforts to increase transaction amounts. Project Ark seeks to change this through what it calls Impact Validators. Essentially, donations will be made both from sales of NFTs as well as Solana tokens that are staked on the platform using the specialized validators. Staking rewards will be split between the staker and conservation organizations, promoting both decentralization as well as charitable outreach.

Wildlife and Biodiversity Credit Registry

Project Ark also plans to form the Wildlife and Biodiversity Credit Registry in collaboration with Gainforest. The team claims the registry will be the first blockchain-based registry, allowing people to register environmentally-conscious projects and supporting their development. The Wildlife and Biodiversity Credit Registry will issue conservation bonds that incentivize protection, preservation, and regeneration of endangered wildlife and their collapsing ecosystems, creating opportunities for projects and initiatives with a mission to mitigate ecological collapse instead of extracting and “developing” natural resources.


ArkDAO is Project Ark’s form of community governance. Modeled after Noah’s Ark, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) takes a unique approach to governance. ArkDAO will ideally own two impactNFTs from each of the preeminent projects. These will generate rewards for DAO members and provide cross-chain access to intriguing communities.

DAO members will be able to steer the organization, choosing projects to invest in via voting.

The Greenverse

The Greenverse is an upcoming metaverse from Project Ark. The Greenverse offers users a chance to “preserve-to-earn”, seeking to reduce fossil fuel extraction, usage, and carbon emissions through tokenizing natural capital. 

In the Greenverse, there will be a digital registry of untapped natural resources. Users will be able to earn tokens by ensuring that the resources remain undisturbed.

A Natural Vision

The concept of blockchain is digital to its core. The reliance on significant amounts of energy to process transactions has led many to criticize the impact that cryptocurrency (NFTs in particular) has on the environment. Project Ark seeks to turn this issue on its head and prove the two can have a positive relationship.

NFT collectors, investors, and environmentalists alike can find something to appreciate in the Arkanauts collection. With a growing ecosystem and experienced team in Project Ark, Arkanauts has the potential to make a difference in the cryptosphere and beyond.

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