Axie Infinity: Origin Finally Goes Live

The new game mode is available for download on every Lunacians’ PC via the Mavis Hub.

April 10, 2022

Axie Infinity: Origin

After the initial release was delayed because of a network security breach, PlayAndEarn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, finally launched Axie Infinity: Origin.

week-long build-up to a highly anticipated game mode was conducted in order for the team to introduce new mechanics, such as runes, to the community. The new game mode can now be accessed through PCs by downloading the file via the Mavis Hub game client. The Axie Infinity team released some statistics around the game’s first twelve hours through their Twitter account on April 7.

“Origin's Early Access launch is going smoothly,” the popular gaming project said in its tweet. “In 12 hours we've seen 227,128 testers, [and the] Axie marketplace volume is up 430% compared to yesterday. This is without token incentives and a Desktop only version. What will happen once we launch on mobile and add token rewards?”

The current version is far from the final product of the game as the team looks to get valuable data in order to improve metas, game mechanics, and other aspects before fully releasing the protocol to a mainstream audience. 

According to the Origin Roadmap, bug fixes and a mobile version are the priorities currently in development. Outside the Axie NFTs, blockchain is not integrated yet in the current game iteration but will be included in the next phase of the development of the game. $AXS rewards, $SLP emissions, and NFT charms and runes are already in design, while Axie upgrades and the second chapter of the adventure mode are further down the timeline.

The Gameplay Experience

Axie Infinity: Origin is an entirely different game compared to the version, a game mode now called Axie Infinity: Classic, that gained popularity in 2021. The game features a revised art that highlights the difference between the regular, themed, and mystic Axies. It also has a revised adventure mode which tells the story of the adventures of your three starter Axies - Olek, Buba, and Puff. These starter Axies can be used across all game modes so users can experience the game without having to purchase NFT Axies.


On a gameplay front, the game mechanics shift from a round-based strategy to a turn-based and sequential tactic formulation. Aside from revised card art, the cards in the game now focus on a single mechanic––attack or defense––while having a new effect that is still reminiscent of the card’s nature in Axie Infinity: Classic. Vertical progression is also introduced in the game as Axies, and their cards can be enhanced with the use of various runes and charms that users can craft using resources gathered while playing the game.

The pace of the game feels faster, and players have to be more attentive to the different strategies and combinations their opponents can play. The critical mechanic changed to a rage feature that Axies have to charge up before performing a critical hit. Each player is given three energy every turn, which resets to zero when the turn ends. Axie Infinity: Origin feels like a completely different yet familiar game that Lunacians have been hoping for.

A tutorial is available, which all players must complete. Users have to reach level three before gaining access to the PvP feature of the game, which showcased a revised MMR system. Check out Axie Infinity’s Substack post for more details about the newly released Axie Infinity: Origin game mode.

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