BNB Chain Spotlight: KC Talks Future of Crypto and More

This BNB Chain spotlight takes a look at KC, a crypto enthusiast looking to build and promote quality NFTs on BNB Chain.

Samir Mourani
August 3, 2022

BNB Chain Booming

BSC News had the opportunity to chat with KC, an NFT specialist working on some unique projects on the BNB Chain. 

Karl, or KC as he’s known in the space, has only been in the NFT arena since late 2021. After spending 20 years working outside crypto, he’s now working with a number of projects including PixelSweeper which launched on BNB Chain in April 2022. The artist behind the PixelSweeper project solicited KC to continue working on future projects and with that, Gooodfellas was born.

Given KC’s deep involvement in the NFT space specifically on BNB Chain, naturally, we had some questions for him. 

Q: Where do you see things going for NFTs in general?

A: We’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of how NFTs and blockchain utility are going to be a part of our everyday life. What we’re seeing now is the tip of the iceberg. What I love about the Web3 webspace is the creativity and innovation that comes from it. Saturation in the market means people have to really innovate to stand out.

Q: What’s the future of NFTs?

A: People say it’s a bubble. I don’t think it is, I think the style of NFTs as we currently see them are a bubble, but the NFTs as a concept will be something that continues to grow and emerge and embed itself in our everyday lives.

Q: What is your advice for building NFT Communities?

A: I was heavily focused on giveaways to get people to join the community and make the numbers as big as possible. But I learned very quickly that quality is far more important than quantity in this space.

[KC added that the team you have to build out your project is key and what you say you will do is as important as anything else. Credibility with the community is key.]

Q: Why is BNB Chain the main focus? 

A: The potential for the NFT space on BNB Chain is untapped. BNB Chain has the potential to be one of the top NFT spaces in Web3.

NFT Incubator

KC has started building out his own crypto Web3 service offering called Integrated Project Solutions (IPS).

“It exists to solve the problem of people who have great ideas, have art, or utility that want to launch collections but don’t know how or have the connections. So if you’re an artist looking for a web developer or blockchain expert, that’s where IPS comes in,” he said.

It’s a neat concept and one meant to fill a gap. As more mainstream attention is drawn towards the NFT space, more creatives will want to innovate but may not have the resources to do so. 

“Having one stop where people can go and get quality resources and services in the space is important,” KC said.

Mint Pass

The Gooodfellas NFT project is at its core all about utility. It’s about providing the community with access and rewarding those who support the project. “We built the Gooodfellas ecosystem around our Gooodfellas Mint Pass,” KC said. “It’s the first Mint Pass on the BNB Chain. There are a number of them on Ethereum.”


A mint pass gives holders access to NFT collections. In this case, holding a Gooodfellas NFT Mint Pass garners you access to exclusive NFT projects the team has curated. There are also separate collections that will be airdropped to mint pass holders. So not only do you get access to pre-sale, you can also be rewarded with additional perks for simply holding the pass. 

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Samir Mourani

Samir Mourani is an entrepreneur and digital content creator. Samir is a crypto enthusiast and world traveller. He holds bags mostly in ETH, BTC, and BSC projects.

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