Brick 'n Mortar Retail Shop Arrives With Solana Spaces

The new store in Manhattan offers an immersive experience to onboard anyone into Web3.

Mark Jurgens
August 1, 2022

Web3 Goes Offline

Solana Spaces opened the first immersive Web3 learning space, where visitors can explore the ecosystem of Solana and learn about blockchains.

The retail venue opened on July 28 at Hudson Yards in New York, welcoming blockchain enthusiasts and people brand new to Solana and Web3.

“I spent the last decade helping millions fall in love with real-world technology. Now, my mission is to help people fall in love with Web3. The store is built around ‘just trying it,’ which is how I and pretty much everyone else enter the rabbit hole,” said Vibhu Norby, CEO of Solana Spaces.

The store offers the following experiences:

  • Interactive tutorials on DeFi, NFTs, games, and a variety of Solana projects, like Orca and STEPN, to earn immediate rewards.
  • The Phantom seed phrase booth lets users set up their Solana wallet.
  • An interactive art installation featuring a real-time visualization of Solana.
  • Visitors can try out Solana Mobile and the first Saga phone. When it launches, they will be able to purchase it and set it up on site.
  • A store with Solana-themed and crypto lifestyle merchandise.
  • An NFT gallery.

The plan is to rotate in-store experiences and introduce new limited edition drops and products monthly. Spaces was built in collaboration with Solana Foundation and expects to open more locations soon. 

What Is Solana Spaces:

Solana Spaces is a retail venue that provides an immersive educational experience for people interested in the Solana blockchain and Web3. Spaces is a collaboration with the Solana Foundation, which funded and helped incubate the store. 

Where to find Solana Spaces:

Website | Twitter

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Mark Jurgens

Mark is an industrial engineer, born in Colombia and raised in Argentina, a place that is in deep need for the freedom crypto can offer the world. He is searching for projects that want to make a positive impact. Analytical and creative. Loves to travel around. Biggest holdings are Defichain, Ethereum and Solana.

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