Building A Utility Tool Box With StreamFlow

CompendiumFi and Streamflow have joined forces to build a suite of tools together.

March 16, 2022

CompendiPigs Participation Recap

CompendiumFi recently held its largest community event to date in February, the CompendiPig Participation Week. This event ran for one week and saw over 60 participants rewarded.

The CompendiPig Participation Week saw the participants complete 5 unique tasks and receive a share of 6,000,000 CMFI tokens. Each participant received varying amounts of CMFI depending on their total scores achieved.

There were over a dozen participants who received in excess of 100,000 CMFI. For those participants who are receiving an amount greater than 100,000 CMFI will receive them at a later date with Streamflow Finance’s innovative streaming payments product.

How Stream Payments Work

Stream Payments are a financial primitive that represents a progressively released payment in the form of time-lock escrow account.

Using this product over 4,500,000 CMFI will be placed into a Stream. The Stream will begin to release CMFI to participants over the following 12 weeks.

Streamflow Finance and CompendiumFi

CompendiumFi’s objective is to create a compendium of tools for both Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes). With this objective, their team has been working with prominent ecosystem projects like Streamflow Finance.

With their leading enterprise tools, including current Token Vesting and Stream Payments, CompendiumFi is excited to share with their community that in their Phase 2 roadmap, these products will be available for users to access under the Tool Box Suite.

With this partnership, Streamflow Finance will release tools such as Multisig and Multipay. These features will also become available on CompendiumFi. If you want to learn more about the products Streamflow Finance has on offer, please read their comprehensive documentation.

What is Compendium Finance?

The CompendiumFi platform is built to offer traders a comprehensive suite of tools for a list of growing ecosystems. The consumer-facing application is split into two separate entities.

One side of the tooling focuses on integrations with popular and liquid centralized exchanges, while the other side focuses on improving the on-chain trading offerings of decentralized protocols built on Solana (with more chains to come shortly).

Automation and simplicity are key with all CompendiumFi offerings. The platform seeks to make crypto trading easier for everyone. Subscribe to bots, make your own, copy friends, or manually trade across multiple ecosystems in their intelligent interfaces.

Find out more about CompendiumFi.

What is Streamflow Finance?

Streamflow Finance is a suite of products that enables organizations (and individuals) to distribute funds in a simple and straightforward manner.

Streamflow felt the need to create this suite due to the lack easy-to-use tools to do token vesting, payroll for team members and contributors, to have multi-signature treasuries, and other necessary features.

Without these tools investors cannot have efficient and highly functioning organizations. Streamflow proposes to solve this issue.

Find out more about Streamflow Finance at the following links:

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