CROFam Teams Up Against Fake Ebisus Bay account

The Cronos community was alerted by Web3Wire to report a fake Ebisus Bay Twitter account that surfaced in the Cronos ecosystem. The action was productive with the fake account no longer available.

Utulu Hope
May 17, 2022

Fake Ebisus Bay Account Eliminated 

The Cronos community was on alert on May 15 to spread the word about a fake Ebisus Bay Twitter account. Another Twitter account was caught impersonating the Cronos-based Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. Web3Wire discovered and reported the incident to the Cronos community, as well as alerting Ebisus Bay.

Cronos News Twitter, a Web3Wire sister page, shared a tweet with the public disclosing the fraudulent incident. The culprits utilized the Cronos-based NFT protocol’s name and likeness on Twitter. To prevent exploitation and dishonesty, Web3Wire called on the Cronos community to report the fake account. 

In a post, the fake account also mentioned Agora, another NFT marketplace built on Cronos. However, Agora was quick to inform the public about the fake account. After our official Twitter page for Cronos News reported the fake account, the Founder of EbisBay, Nathan Schwermann, spoke to Web3Wire about the importance of security, urging users to always be on alert for swindlers. 

“Yes, security is very important in this space. Always be on high alert for scammers, if you see something, say something,” Nathan dislosed. 

The fake Twitter account is non-existent, following numerous reports from the Cronos community. Web3Wire thanks the Cronos family for being proactive and demonstrating how vital the Cronos community is in the crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. We urge users to be on the lookout for fake platforms to improve safety on the network. 

What is Ebisus Bay: 

Ebisu's Bay is the first NFT marketplace on Cronos. It offers users the opportunity to create, buy, sell, trade, and enjoy the Cronos NFT community. Users are invited to become creators and members of the growing marketplace.

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