Cronos Name Service Launches Testnet Beta

Instead of long and unreadable addresses, Cronos Name Service lets you use Cronos domains to interact with the blockchain.

Soumen Datta
April 15, 2022

CNS Beta is Live

Cronos Name Service (CNS) Testnet Beta is now live as they look forward to creating easy-to-remember usernames for users instead of using long random hexadecimal addresses.

CNS announced the update through Twitter and an accompanying article from April 14, where they invited all the ‘blockchain savvy folk’  to test their beta version. Users can interact with the blockchain using Cronos domains instead of long and unreadable addresses. You can also use these domains to create an on-chain profile where you can link your information. In addition, all CNS domains are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), so you can reserve important domain names before others and sell them on a marketplace like any other NFT.

How can you Participate?

  1. Crypto Wallet: As a first step, you will require a wallet. At present, CNS supports Metamask and the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) wallet. Make sure that your wallet’s network is in Cronos-testnet!
  2. Funds: For CNS, you will need $MockUSDC to register your username and $tCRO to pay the gas fee. You can obtain $tCRO from this faucet here. In order to test $MockUSDC, testers must join Cronos Name Service's Discord server and submit their wallet addresses in the channel req-usdc. If the faucet does not work, there is also a separate channel to request $tCRO (req-tcro).

Once you have all the raw materials, you can refer to this detailed step-by-step guide to register your first CNS name.


The current domain prices vary according to the number of characters as follows:

  • 3 characters: 420 USD
  • 4 characters: 170 USD
  • 5 or more characters: 15 USD

CNS explains that different pricing exists due to the availability and demand for domain names with fewer characters. In addition, these prices do not include the gas fee, which is paid on $CRO.

Recently, CNS has also introduced a new feature known as Reverse Record. By using reverse records, users can access their CNS names in a way that is much more accessible. 

When you connect to a DAPP with a Cronos account, it can identify your CNS name and display it. As the Cronos Name Service allows users to look up their CNS names, such as "john.cro", rather than long and random hexadecimal addresses, reverse records do precisely the opposite. 

Learn more about Reverse records in this article here.

What is Cronos Name Service:

By allowing users to create a global username for their public addresses and decentralized dapps, the Cronos Name Service aims to simplify the blockchain ecosystem. CNS will assist users in mapping their public accounts on various blockchains such as Cronos to a simpler, shorter, and more human-readable username such as john.cro.

Learn more about CNS:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram |

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Soumen Datta

Soumen is an experienced writer with a background in Laser Physics. He has a passion for learning and is mainly interested in Defi, P2E gaming, and NFTs. His largest crypto holdings are BTC, ETH, SOL and DOT token.

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