Cronos Research Announces its Expansion to Evmos

As a result of the collaboration, an information bridge will be launched soon between the chains.

Soumen Datta
May 4, 2022

Bridge of Information

Cronos Research will expand its services to include the Evmos chain with Evmos Research to make data accessible on a separate platform for the Evmos community.

The largest information directory on Cronos took to Twitter to announce the recent development on May 2. Cronos Research explains that the step is to provide a "bridge of information" between both chains, which will be launched soon. 

#evmos community can expect similar experience of while not diluting quality of Cronos Research,” Cronos Research mentions in the Twitter thread. “Both platforms will work on separate basis, focusing on its own chain.”

In addition to the recent collaboration, Cronos Research is partnering with more projects to make the data about projects available to everyone. Currently, Cronos research has listed 266 projects on the Cronos chain. Among them are 121 ecosystem projects, 145 Non-Fungible Token(NFT) projects, and 89 projects tracked by NFT Analytics. The team has also partnered with prominent protocols on the Cronos chain, including Ebisu’s Bay, The Laboratory, and CRO Bank


Being relatively new, Evmos is expanding with new projects launched by the likes of SpaceFi, Saddle Finance, and Exswap. As more and more projects are launched on Evmos, the need for stacking information about specific projects will increase. Anyone with a project on the Evmos chain can apply for Cronos Research services via the Evmos website.

What is Cronos Research:

Cronos Research is the largest directory of Ecosystem and NFT projects on the Cronos Chain. The protocol collects crucial information for every single project and makes it available to the general public,  including  DeFi projects’ built-in price charts, and NFT projects’ average sales, floor prices, volume, and the number of active listings.

Learn more about Cronos Research:

Website | Twitter | Discord |

What is Evmos:

Evmos is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain that is scalable and high-throughput, and it is fully compatible and interoperable with Ethereum. Furthermore, Evmos enables the use of Vanilla as a Cosmos application-specific blockchain. As a result, developers can benefit from Ethereum's features and Tendermint's PoS implementation. In addition, it can exchange value with the Cosmos Ecosystem via the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol if it is built using the Cosmos SDK (IBC).

Learn more about Evmos:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

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