Ebisu’s Bay Lists CNS Domains

Users can now purchase existing Cronos Name Service domains or mint their own.

May 24, 2022

The Right Address

Ebisu’s Bay has announced that Cronos Name Service (CNS) domains are now available for trading and minting on the platform. CNS announced the news via their official Twitter account on May 19th.

The CNS listing follows the recent integration of the service into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. With the addition of listing CNS domains, the service provider is a major piece of the Ebisu’s Bay ecosystem.

Buy Your Domain

The listing means users can now easily purchase customizable domain names for use on CNS-integrated platforms. Users can purchase existing domain names from other users on the platform, or mint their own unique domain for 15 $USDC.

Purchasing a reserved domain on the marketplace is easy: visit the Cronos Name Service page on the marketplace to see the available domains. The available domains can be sorted by price range, domain name (token ID), and by listing status.

What is Cronos Name Service?


Cronos Name Service (CNS) is a lookup and identification service for the Cronos network. CNS allows users to create a global domain username that replaces wallet addresses on dApps.

CNS is integrated into a host of different platforms on Cronos. The service allows users to track their accounts by converting wallet addresses into readable domains, eliminating the hassle of double-checking hexadecimal addresses.

Find CNS here:

What is Ebisu’s Bay?

Ebisu’s Bay is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain. By using the native token of the Cronos chain, CRO, the Cronos community can trade, buy and sell NFTs peer-to-peer with other NFT traders and consumers. However, Ebisu’s Bay is much more than an NFT marketplace, as it serves as a launchpad for new NFT collections. These collections have the ability to customize collections, NFT smart contract advice, the ability to mint NFTs, or simply join a proactive community of NFT enthusiasts.

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