Ebisu’s Bay to Host One-Time DMM Auction

8 Degen Mad Meerkat NFTs will be auctioned off, with the proceeds being burnt.

May 23, 2022


Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF) and Ebisu’s Bay are teaming up with an MMF Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection coming to Ebisu’s Bay for a special auction. In the near future after their initial mint on May 13th, 8 Degen Mad Meerkat (DMM) NFTs will be auctioned off on Ebisu’s Bay. All 8 NFTs will be Legendary, granting them extra value for holders. There is no established date for the auction as of now.

The auction will be held using $MAD, the native token of the Mad Meerkat Finance ecosystem. Bidding will start at 55 $MAD, with all proceeds from the auction being burnt.

Along with the Legendary NFTs up for grabs, the auction also gives users a sneak preview of upcoming Ebisu’s Bay features - a metaverse auction house and an upgraded system for NFT auctions. These features are part of an effort to drive NFT innovation on Cronos, with the marketplace seeking to cement its role as an industry leader.

The Significance

The DMM auction is mutually beneficial for both Ebisu’s Bay and MMF - and the Cronos NFT scene as a whole. 

Ebisu’s Bay benefits from having the trending NFT collection auction away Legendary NFTs on the marketplace, increasing user traffic. MMF will have access to the rapidly expanding user base of Ebisu’s Bay, increasing potential bidders and the burn amount. The Cronos NFT space can only benefit from having two top ecosystem players join forces to hold a one-time special event.

What is Mad Meerkat Finance?

Mad Meerkat Finance (MMF) has one of the largest ecosystems in Cronos, offering a decentralized exchange, a yield optimizer, the Mad Meerkat NFTs, a project launchpad, and more. The platform is an automated market maker, and the exchange lies at the center of the ecosystem. MMF enables users to earn passive income by staking crypto assets in liquidity pools with high APR.

Find more about Mad Meerkat here:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Documentation | Telegram | Discord | Telegram Announcements

What is Ebisu’s Bay?


Ebisu’s Bay is the first and largest NFT marketplace on Cronos Chain. By using the native token of the Cronos chain, CRO, the Cronos community can trade, buy and sell NFTs peer-to-peer with other NFT traders and consumers. However, Ebisu’s Bay is much more than an NFT marketplace, as it serves as a launchpad for new NFT collections. These collections have the ability to customize collections, NFT smart contract advice, the ability to mint NFTs, or simply join a proactive community of NFT enthusiasts.

Where to find Ebisu’s Bay:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Blog | Instagram |

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