GooodFellas NFTs Unveils Plans Ahead of Mint

GooodFellas NFTs plans to launch quality NFT collections on BNB Chain.

Utulu Hope
June 22, 2022

Quality NFT Collections on BNB Chain 

The artists (Ram, Illusionist Dude and Vacheh) behind BNB Chain’s Non-fungible Token (NFT) protocol, PixelSweeper, combine again to launch GooodFellas NFTs. The creative platform is set to hit BNB Chain shortly. 

The NFT platform will launch four collections on BNB Chain. A Mint Pass will be unveiled prior to the launch of all collections. Mint Pass holders will enjoy exclusive benefits and claim all four collections. KC, the platform’s Project Manager, discussed the decision to launch a series of collections to BSC News

“The team knew that they wanted to do more collections down the line. So rather than launching one collection at a time with individual communities, roadmaps, etc., it made more sense to launch a series of collections under the GooodFellas umbrella with an integrated Project Map, that would reward the BNB Chain NFT investors who consistently invest in NFT projects,” KC stated.

GooodFellas NFT will release 1,000 Mint Passes. The presale commences on June 28, while the public mint takes place on June 29. The minting will take place on the Rareboard NFT marketplace at 1 BNB. 

Overview of GooodFellas Roadmap

What is GooodFellas NFT: 

GooodFellas NFTs is a new platform on BNB Chain that plans to launch four unique collections. Each collection is made possible through the artists behind PixelSweeper. 

The first collection, Binions, will be launched in Mid-July. Mint Pass holders will claim one free collection and purchase others at a discount rate. 

Where to find GooodFellas NFT: 

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