How to Create Custom Blockchain Address on CNS

User-friendly Cronos Name Service will potentially enhance the adoption and integration of Web3 and blockchain into everyday life.

Ahamdi Abarikwu
July 11, 2022

An Overview of CNS

The Cronos Name Service (CNS) became operational on April 27. In a Medium blog introducing the service, the Cronos Team stated that the CNS concept simplifies blockchain transactions by enabling Cronos users to map their somewhat complex hexadecimal blockchain addresses. 

Users can transform these addresses into an easier-to-read domain address of the form Name.cro. "Name" is any simple and unique alphanumeric username chosen, subject to availability, by the user. 

After linking their CNS domain names to their blockchain addresses, users can use these CNS identities for their transactions rather than the hex public addresses that many users often find to be long and complicated. 


The feature allows users of Cronos Chain to transfer or receive Cronos crypto assets using their .cro domain names.

"CNS wants to become the Web3 identity on Cronos. The vision is to make blockchain easy. Nobody wants to deal with long and random crypto addresses but with easily identifiable pseudonyms. We want to make CNS more community involved and will constantly evolve the protocol based on community needs and new trends in the future," Deepanshu Hooda, a member of the CNS team, weighed in on the team's mission in an exclusive chat.

How To Get A Custom Cronos Address

CNS domain names have a minimum of 3 characters. Currently, there are three tiers of personalized .cro names available, each with different pricing. Domain names with 3 characters cost $420, 4 characters $170, 5 or more characters $15 per year. Creating a custom CNS blockchain address is relatively easy. Here is how you can get yours:

  • Step 1: Basic Requirements.

You need a crypto wallet (like MetaMask) compatible with Cronos Chain. Ensure that you have sufficient $USDC in your wallet to cover the cost of your CNS tier of interest. You will also need some $CRO to pay gas fees on the Cronos network.

  • Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

Go to the CNS website and connect your wallet. In the search box, enter the name you intend to acquire to confirm that another user has not yet paid for it. A green checkmark, as can be seen below in our defi-nerd example, would indicate that the name is available. 


If the name you desire is not available, try another name till you get an available one. Click on the name to go to the registration page. 

  • Step 3: Select Registration Parameters

Choose the number of years you wish to lock in the ownership of your domain name. Select any of the default numbers of years or use the - + buttons to adjust it manually. Click 'Continue' to go to the next step.



  • Step 4: Approve CNS Transactions

You will be prompted to approve two transactions. The first transaction will authorize CNS to take the registration fee from your wallet, while the second transaction reserves your chosen CNS domain pending the conclusion of the purchase.

  • Step 5: Complete the Registration

Click 'Continue' and approve the final transaction to complete your registration. You will be redirected to fill out the Web3 blockchain profile linked to your newly registered CNS domain name.


Web3 is poised to blend blockchain into human activity more than ever before. Adaptations such as CNS help blockchain adoption by making transactions and addresses very user-friendly. Picking up your personalized CNS domain is undoubtedly a solid way to simplify your on-chain experience. 

Want to get your own domain? Head over to Cronos.Domains to get started.

What is Cronos Name Service (CNS)?

CNS is an identification and lookup service developed on Cronos that allows crypto users to convert their machine-readable blockchain addresses to human-readable names. It enables a more recognizable representation of wallet addresses to both senders and receivers of cryptocurrency. It was inspired by a similar service first developed on the Ethereum network - the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

Besides offering users personalized and more straightforward blockchain addresses, CNS provides other utilities such as Web3 identity and NFT use-cases. On May 27, the CNS team activated the crypto-transfer feature on its website. 

Where to find Cronos Name Service:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram

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