Long-Awaited CronosVerse IDO Incoming to Crodex

$VRSE will power The CronosVerse virtual economy as the real world economy keeps struggling.

Mark Jurgens
June 11, 2022

Crovilians Get Their Currency

The CronosVerse launches its in-game utility token $VRSE on June 12 at 18:00 UTC.

The public sale will take place at Crodex´s launchpad—CROWD—to fund the first social MMORPG in Cronos. $VRSE will be used as the in-game currency when transacting in The CronosVerse. It will enable users to create content and virtual events, trade digital assets, complete tasks, and rent lands.

“The pre-sale is made up of two components. The first component is the whitelist, which is first-come, first-serve for land owners. Once those 250,000 CRO tokens have been sold, we will move into our public sale,” commented the team in a Twitter AMA on June 7. “The public sale is open to non-land owners, but they must have five CRX tokens in their wallets to participate.”

75% of the collected $CRO will be transferred to VRSE-CRO Liquidity Pool, opening VRSE tokens for public trade. The rest will be shared equally between Crodex and the CronosVerse team to continue developing the social metaverse.

“Basically to do things such as giveaways and to pay different vendors. We have several contractors creating different assets, like houses and avatars for the game. We will use some of that for ongoing game development,” clarified the team in the AMA. 

The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is an important step towards the game release. The first version is expected to come around August and will only be accessible to land owners. This will allow devs to find glitches and bugs based on community feedback in preparation for the full game launch later on. 

Cronos News reached out to The CronosVerse’s team to learn more about their plans regarding the IDO and the platform's future but received no response. 

IDO Details:

Launchpad URL: https://swap.crodex.app/#/ido 

Start time: June 12, 6 pm UTC 

End time: June 13, 6 pm UTC 

Soft Cap: 250,000 $CRO 

Hard Cap: 500,000 $CRO 

For Sale: 8,000,000 $VRSE 

Sale price: 0.0625 $CRO per $VRSE (1 CRO=16 VRSE) 

Max Buy: 5000 $CRO per wallet (80,000 $VRSE) 

Listing Price: 0.07 $CRO per $VRSE 

Vesting period: 50% of the $VRSE will be unlocked immediately. 50% will be released on July 1. 


Web3Wire and Cronos News will be following the conclusion of the IDO closely and keeping track of its impact on the broader development of The CronosVerse.

What is Crodex:

Crodex is working to be the best trading platform for all upcoming projects being developed on Cronos Chain. The platform is amongst Cronos’ first and most widely recognized Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). $CRX is the native utility token for accessing premium services like trading tools, liquidity mining, and farming. Crodex is also home to one of the more popular NFT staking hubs on Cronos.

Where to find Crodex:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram 

What is the CronosVerse:

The CronosVerse aims to be the first full-fledged metaverse project on the Cronos blockchain. Their goal is to create the ultimate social MMO gaming experience for the entire Cronos community. The project allows users to participate as landowners or everyday civilians of the CronosVerse, known as the "Crovilians."  Each Crovilian will have unique traits, identifying their role within the CronosVerse society.

Where to find the CronosVerse:

Website | Twitter | Discord 

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