Mega Update: Sentre Unlocks Its Second Era ‘Acceleration’

This new era will be one of Sentre Protocol’s steps to become a true Open Platform on Solana.

June 6, 2022

Foundation Ends, Acceleration Begins

The first era ‘Foundation’ has officially ended with Sentre Protocol’s full release of its essential functions, namely Sen LP, Sen Swap, Sen Farming and Sen Assets. Now, to further build the Solana community, Sentre Protocol will be unlocking its second era called ‘Acceleration’.

The Moon Map

Following its vision of becoming Solana’s first DApp store to reality, Sentre Protocol decided to update its strategy and roadmap to further align with the market:

The Foundation Era

This era was all about setting the base. Four essential functions were developed to accommodate the needs of DeFi users, namely Sen LP, Sen Swap, Sen Farming and Sen Assets.

The Acceleration Era

This era starts in 2022 with:

  • Sen Suite - A collection of five solutions to aching problems Solana projects are trying to solve.
  • SNTR Utility Update - The old utilities didn't bring as much value to the community as planned. That's why Sentre is updating new ones to better support Sentizens.
  • Solana Web3 Coding Camp - a collaboration between Solana Foundation, Sentre Protocol and Coin98, which attracted over 100 Vietnamese devs and brought over 24 amazing demo projects to the ecosystem.

The DApp Store Era

This era will see the bloom of hundreds of DApps integrated into Sen Hub. By the time we reach this, Sentre Protocol will have become the true DApp Store for all things Solana - be it DeFi, GameFi, or PriFi products.

The SNTR Utilities

Seeking to better align with the new strategy and roadmap, the team at Sentre believe it's time for a token utility refresh.

SNTR holders will now become miners. From the SNTR token, they are able to mine new tokens from Sentre's ecosystem, simply by locking or staking SNTR into the mining pools.

Revenue sharing is also enabled between SNTR holders. When you hold a certain percentage of SNTR on the market, you get to earn fees from every product on the protocol according to that percentage.

The Sen Suite

You’re probably wondering, “What is the Sen Suite and can it really help my Solana project?” The short answer is yes, according to Sentre, and here’s how:

InterDAO - The Decentralized Manager

InterDAO is a customizable DAO tool on Solana which helps create and manage your own DAO with ease.

It offers multiple frameworks and voting mechanisms (staking, locking, voting with NFT), allows automated proposal execution, and has a revenue sharing policy reserved for DAO owners only.

Balansol - Balancer Pool Model on Solana

Balansol lets you choose up to 8 types of tokens, and customize the weight of each type in their pool.

Build the ecosystem of your dreams. Create perfect launchpads for your project while keeping bots away with the liquidity bootstrapping pool model. Gather your favorite top tokens and make index funds for your users - these are all features that Balansol offers according to Sentre.

Lightning Tunnel - Unlimited Airdrops Under $1

Lightning Tunnel is a bulk transaction tool that helps you do unlimited airdrops with less than 1$.

Stop wasting time signing airdrop transactions. With Lightning Tunnel, you can set automatic and customizable distribution schedules. One sign, one time fee, and superspeed!

Sen Booster - Bond Offering Services (Coming Soon)

Sen Booster is a bonding solution that makes bootstrapping liquidity simple and easy.

With super low fees and zero slippage, you can slow down the inflation speed, and raise your TVL in a safe and fair way on both ends.

Messup - A Privacy Layer (Coming Soon)

Messup is a layer on Solana, which helps protect the privacy of your transactions.

With a simple click, you can get high-level protection, hide the amount of your incoming/outgoing transactions, and choose your earning mechanism (TBC).

Farming on Quarry

Sentre Protocol is also stopping its farming pool on Quarry this June 12. Please make sure to withdraw your liquidity before that happens!

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