MetaFighter Concludes Tesla Giveaway

The winner spent about $27,250 on raffle tickets in the blockchain game’s event.

August 5, 2022

Car vs. Cash

MetaFighter, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on BNB Chain, recently capped its Tesla Giveaway event with a live video draw on their Youtube channel on July 27.

The winning address spent roughly $27,250 in raffle tickets to get a 30.28% chance to win, which was the highest among all participants. The contest was organized to celebrate MetaFighter’s Token Generation Event. Participants needed to purchase $MF tokens worth $250 to enter the raffle. The winner would select between going home with a Tesla Model Y or $70,000.

“In the 30-minute live event, our CEO discussed the progress MetaFighter has made over the past few months and what lies ahead,” Metafighter said in a Medium post. “The climax of the show was a lucky draw wheel spin to decide the winner. The winner chose $70,000 and with that, a memorable milestone was etched in the history of the MetaFighter metaverse.”

BSCNews approached the MetaFighter team to try to get more clarity on the winner’s decision, but as of publication had not received a response. Possibly, it could be a geographical issue, as the Tesla had to be claimed in Germany.

Regardless, the winner made some massive returns on their initial investment. The majority of the event’s 103 participants only had one ticket entry giving a 0.28% chance of winning.


What Is MetaFighter:

FightToEarn, FightToLearn, FightToGain––MetaFighters is a PlayToEarn project built on the BNB Chain that brings the classic arcade-style fighting experience over to the blockchain space. Anyone can participate in the gameplay even without holding an NFT fighter. Players earn $FIGHT tokens by battling other players from all over the world or participating in tournaments for lucrative rewards. Fighters level up and gain experience points in order to improve a user's fighter and become more competitive in the gameplay.

Where to find MetaFighter:

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