PlaySwap Breezes Through Cronos Beta

PlaySwap is building a blockchain platform that pays everyday gamers for playing their favorite games.

Mark Jurgens
May 16, 2022

Hundreds of Gamers are Enrolling in Beta

The PlaytoEarn protocol—PlaySwap—updated the community about the ongoing open beta.

The team took to Twitter on May 13 to break down some of the beta stats and highlight how it’s helping to improve several aspects of the Web3 project. Even though the protocol was ready to launch the $PLAY token through a public sale, the community suggested conducting the beta before the sale. The results from this decision seem to be positive. 

According to the team, the community is growing faster than expected, the feedback is excellent, and the number of testers has been increasing daily — reaching 535 active testers and 430+ daily playing hours. They explain on their Medium blog:

“Together we are making the project stronger every day. In the next few days, we will deploy more upgrades to the P2E protocol, once again, based on community feedback and open beta data. Even after the Mainnet launch, we will always have a Testnet platform where we will test all developments first and get community feedback.”
Source: Gamers can play their favorite AAA games—on PC, Playstation, and Xbox—to test the P2E protocol and provide feedback. 

The platform is waiting for more favorable market conditions to launch the protocol on Cronos’ mainnet along with the public sale of $PLAY. The project will have an initial market cap of $12 million, with an initial circulating supply of 24 million tokens listed at $0.5. Until then, the team will focus on fixing any bugs or issues and ask users to “use and abuse” the platform and share their experience with the devs on Discord.

Check out this guide to join the open beta, currently running on Cronos testnet.

What is PlaySwap:

PlaySwap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) developed on Cronos, wanting to become the point of entry of the mainstream gaming community into crypto. It enables gamers to earn $PLAY tokens while playing AAA games on their PC, Playstation, or Xbox – without investing any capital. Some of the supported games are Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, Lost Ark, Minecraft, CS: GO, and Fortnite – the complete list is here

Where to find PlaySwap:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs |

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Mark Jurgens

Mark is an industrial engineer, born in Colombia and raised in Argentina, a place that is in deep need for the freedom crypto can offer the world. He is searching for projects that want to make a positive impact. Analytical and creative. Loves to travel around. Biggest holdings are Defichain, Ethereum and Solana.

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