Project EXO Set to Launch EXO Pets NFT Collection

The protocol will unleash its second NFT collection on BNB Chain towards the end of June. 

Utulu Hope
June 19, 2022

Unique Hand-Drawn NFTs

After selling out its first Non-fungible Token (NFT) collection—EXO Warriors–on BNB Chain, Project EXO is set to launch another unique collection in the NFT space. The protocol prepares to unveil its newest creation, EXO Pets. 

Like EXO Warriors, EXO Pets is a collection of 250 unique 3D hand-drawn NFTs on BNB Chain. The collection will be available for minting on the Rareboard NFT marketplace at the end of June. The protocol’s project manager, Devanshu Bhatia, told BSC News that minting on Rareboard would commence in three stages:

“We are adopting a 3 phase minting strategy, 1st exclusively for EXO Warriors’ holders, 2nd for the WL spots, 3rd Public mint. All mints will be on Rareboard.” 
L-R: EXO Warriors and EXO Pets NFTs. 

In addition to minting on Rarebord, EXO Pets will be listed on NFTKey. 

EXO Pets Launch Details

Devanshu Bhatia’s provided the following information to BSC News about EXO Pets’ launch:  

  • 250 EXO Pets available. 
  • Exo Warrior holders will mint at a low price. 
  • Special mint price for Whitelisted Partner projects. Project EXO partnered with 10 NFT protocols, including Tiger Warriors, TBS, and Pixelsweeper. 
  • Minting on Rarebord. 
  • 10% of minting revenue goes to Exo Warriors’ holders. 
  • 30% of minting revenue goes to the treasury. 
  • Staking is a confirmed utility. 

What is Project EXO: 

Project EXO brings quality to the NFT space on BNB Chain. All designs are unique, giving holders exclusive benefits. Holders need at least one piece of the collection to enjoy benefits. 

Some utilities such as Staking and Wallet connect integration will be added by the development team in the future. Staking will add more value to both NFT collections. The protocol is building a solid ecosystem for its final development phase—launching its PlayToEarn (P2E) game. 

For more information about Project EXO, refer to the following media pages: 

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