Project Insight: Nest Arcade

Nest brings to GameFi an entire ecosystem of casual games and cross-game NFTs.

Mark Jurgens
February 27, 2022

What is Nest Arcade?

Nest Arcade is an all-in-one hub for play-to-earn games and NFTs built on Solana. It combines three massive universes, NFTs, mini-games, and P2E, into one simple mobile experience powered by blockchain technology.

The platform functions as a marketplace offering dozens of casual free-to-play games and NFTs as in-game characters to collect and use across them. While simply playing games or participating in tournaments, users can earn the $NEST token, a tradeable Solana cryptocurrency that powers the ecosystem. 


Solving Three Big Problems in Gaming

There are multiple problems facing the gaming space and a big appetite for entering a more efficient and transparent era, where players have increasingly more to say and more to receive. Nest is attempting to solve many of them. 

  1. Rising demand for P2E games: players worldwide are realizing that they can be financially rewarded for their time and effort spent in casual games. Nest Arcade offers a user-friendly app to make blockchain mainstream.
  1. Ownership of in-game assets: users spend billions every year to purchase characters, skins, and power-ups to enhance their gaming experience. These assets usually have no value outside the games. Nest gives users ownership over their assets also outside and the ability to trade them, compounding their value as they can be used across several platform games. 
  1. Scalability: blockchain games commonly require a lot of time to develop, appeal to one niche audience, and are more time-consuming and complex, making it often more difficult to acquire users. The platform plans to launch dozens of high-end mini-games every year, continuously expanding the user base and keeping old players entertained. 

Value Proposition for Gamers and Devs

Value for Players

  • +100 profitable and engaging games on a single App
  • Connects friends and strangers through multiplayer games
  • Allows wagering with friends and strangers in multiple game modes
  • Makes earning money through games more accessible to everyone

Value for Game Devs

  • Quick and low-cost manner of implementing P2E functionality in games
  • Integrated marketplace for NFTs
  • Brings a big existing audience to new games

Nest Products

The Nest company hosts various sub-products. The following are some of the main ones.

Nest Arcade

The main product of the bundle merges NFT collections with P2E games in a polished and relaxed app, allowing players to enter GameFi without friction. 

The first game is MetaBirds, a flappy bird-style game that lets users earn $NEST and play with MetaBird NFTs. 


Nest Marketplace

Nest marketplace is a marketplace for trading playable NFTs compatible with one or more Nest Arcade games.

The Genesis Collection is the MetaBirds NFT collection, made up of 1,600 unique and randomly-generated birds that boost 10x the $NEST earning potential in the game. Currently, they can be purchased on secondary marketplaces like Solsea.


Nest Hub

Nest Hub is a launchpad for developers to publish their games to Nest Arcade and launch their NFT collection on Nest Marketplace. 

Nest also plans to release a software development kit (SDK) for game developers worldwide to accelerate new game onboardings. 


Game Studio

The company also has an in-house game studio that develops high-quality blockchain games for Nest Arcade. The team intends to release new games every quarter.

$NEST Utility and Tokenomics

The $NEST token is an SPL token that powers the entire Nest ecosystem as a native currency for the app. It´s used in most in-game and in-app transactions, such as trading NFTs, earning rewards, or purchasing power-ups. 

$NEST tokens are on an accelerated lock and release period that lasts five years to strengthen the value and match future demand growth.


The utility for the token comes from several sources:

  • Staking: $NEST holders can stake their $NEST tokens to earn an APY
  • Purchases: NFT trades on the Nest Marketplace are made in $NEST 
  • Rewards: Users earn $NEST through weekly rewards and bonuses
  • Earnings: Players earn $NEST tokens while playing games.


The team published on their website the roadmap for 2022, unveiling the upcoming releases and future developments. Some of the most important milestones are the following:


  • Metabirds game launch for NFT holders: the DEMO is live but can only be played with a Metabirds NFT, available on Solsea.
  • $NEST token IDO between March 2 and 7
  • $NEST token listing on March 8
  • $NEST staking
  • Nest Arcade App Beta


  • Second NFT drop
  • Desktop platform release
  • NFT Nest Marketplace release
  • Multiplayer support and Nest tournaments


  • SDK release
  • NFT cross-game support
  • NFT launchpad
  • 3 new Nest Arcade games


  • Nest´s incubator release
  • +3 new Nest Arcade games
  • Third NFT drop with AR support

The Team

The team has two founders, Gauthier Michel, the CTO and lead blockchain developer, and Tye Howatt, the CMO and lead marketing strategist. Gauthier worked as a quantitative trader before moving to the blockchain industry, and Tye co-founded two web2 marketing startups and is now full-time in NFTs and blockchain gaming. The rest of the team is a diverse and experienced group of game and blockchain developers, designers, marketing and business strategists.

The $NEST token IDO launches on six different launchpads between March 2 and 7, including Trustpad, Solster, StarLaunch, and Solanium. After the public launch, it will be available for trading on Raydium and MEXC.

Where to find Nest Arcade?

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram|

Mark Jurgens

Mark is an industrial engineer, born in Colombia and raised in Argentina, a place that is in deep need for the freedom crypto can offer the world. He is searching for projects that want to make a positive impact. Analytical and creative. Loves to travel around. Biggest holdings are Defichain, Ethereum and Solana.

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