Project Insight: Nyan Heroes - Third Person Shooter Metaverse on Solana

Nyan Heroes is a third-person shooter game built on the Solana network that will provide blockchain gamers with an AAA gaming experience.

Abhinav Tewari
May 1, 2022

Introducing Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is an NFT-based PlayToEarn game on Solana. The developers aim to deliver a high-quality gaming experience in a player-centric ecosystem that is supported via a robust tokenomic structure. Players will be able to collect the in-game characters/assets such as Nyans and Guardian Robots as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They will be able to use their NFTs to compete with other players in battle scenarios.   

Players also will be entitled to participate in the game economy, such as earning tokens for completing tasks, winning battles, and progressing in the gameplay. These rewards can be used to upgrade or buy Nyans, clone Guardian Robots, collect weapons and skins, etc., and trade all these as NFTs in the marketplace. The game's economy comprises two tokens–$NYN and $CTNP. $NYN is the multi-utility governance token for the ecosystem, and $CTNP is the in-game token.


Game Story

The story plays out a post-apocalyptic scenario that revolves around ‘Nekovia.’ It was once the greatest civilization in the metaverse. After centuries of peace, wealth, and technological advancement, its citizens–Nyans, began to believe themselves to be Gods in their own right. 

At the top of the evolutionary food chain, they eventually saw fit to mold the world to suit their needs rather than respect the laws of nature. They denounced their ancestors, religions, and cultures and, in doing so, ruined their world. Natural resources were depleted until nothing remained. Tons of garbage washed up on the ocean floor, killing marine life and poisoning drinking water. 

Progress was made at the expense of long-term viability, but no attempt was made to shift course. In the story, some argue that the fall was a result of nature's corruption. 


Giant horrific creatures began to rise from the ground. They came from filthy ocean floors, bleak wastelands, deforested woods, and ore-depleted caves. These ‘Elementals’ overran the entire civilization in three days, and Nekovia suffered massive casualties. That disaster occurred barely over a year ago. They still control the area, except for a few Nekovia survivors who continue to struggle for survival. 

As the final survivors are evacuated towards the outskirts of Nekovia, all hope is nearly lost. Only 11,111 Nyans remain, unlocked by new technology from distant adventurers (players). The Nyans seek to make their final stand and bring forth a new dawn. 

Genesis Nyans

Genesis Nyans are the surviving 11,111 Nyan's fighting in the last stand against the Giants/Elementals. They are the last of their kind, and because of this uniqueness and scarcity, they will always hold value in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem. Genesis Nyans will come in various rarities such as common—46%, uncommon—29%, rare—14%, ultra-rare—7%, and legendary—4%.


Genesis Nyan owners will hold limited edition Nyan Heroes Avatar NFTs with Genesis ID tags, which entitles them to the following:

  • Limited edition PFP
  • Early access to beta tests
  • Access to exclusive airdrops and early rights to land sales
  • Early access to land presales
  • Single time mint pass to claim two Genesis Guardian NFTs
  • They will also have the right to create their own origin story behind their hero. At a later date, the team will work to transition these stories on-chain permanently


Guardians are mecha bots that Nyans will pilot during battles in Nyan Heroes. Using the power of Guardian Gemstones, each Nyan can summon a Guardian, a key proponent in the fight against the Elementals. 

Every Guardian is different and, when summoned, will be assigned unique robot parts. Genesis Guardians will also have different rarities, ranging from common to legendary. Owners of legendary Genesis Nyans will only be able to claim a legendary Genesis Guardian. Owners of common Genesis Nyans will only be able to claim a common Genesis Guardian. Legendary Genesis Guardians will not be able to be minted via normal means in-game and thus will be limited and scarce.


Guardians will be classified into nine different classes, each with its own unique abilities to deploy in battle. 

They are classified as follows:

  • Warrior: Balanced Guardian with average speed and health. Excels at a mix of frontline and attack and retreat, able to sustain attacks for a short period of time. 
  • Defender: Slow-moving Guardian designed to withstand sustained damage and protect other units. 
  • Brawler: Below average agility but has additional bulk, designed for close combat.
  • Assassin: Fast and fragile, this Guardian is not designed to be on the frontlines of any battle. Instead, they must sneak and use cover to eliminate high-priority targets from behind.
  • Sniper: Another fast yet fragile class designed for the accurate shooting of elusive targets.
  • Medic: The only Guardian with high speed and survivability; used to move around the battlefield and protect team members.
  • Scout: Fast and slightly fragile, these Guardians are experts at scouting a new area
  • Mechanic: Slower but more mechanized, this unit uses sentries that automatically trigger motion detection and attack nearby enemies and also sends out alerts to players. 
  • Soldier: A balanced Guardian that aims to jump into fights and disrupt the enemy's senses with its heavy ranged explosives. This is the only class of Guardian that is not an NFT and has a standard build without variations and is the go-to Guardian when new players join without a Guardian NFT. 

Nyan Gameplay

Nyan Heroes has four game modes, such as:

Player vs. Environment (PvE) Adventure Mode: Players battle various enemies on their way back to Nekovia. This mode is recommended for new players to help familiarize them with the game mechanics and battle against relatively easier opponents. The difficulty increases as the player progress in the game. Players can earn the following rewards in this mode:

  • EXP—Required to level up the Nyan and player account level
  • $NYN—Ecosystem governance token
  • $CTNP—In-game token
  • Guardian Cores—Can be combined with $NYN and $CTNP to mint new guardians
  • Nyan Cores—Can be combined with $NYN and $CTNP to mint new Nyans
  • Weapon Cores—Can be combined with $NYN and $CTNP to mint new primary/secondary weapons
  • Guardian Parts—Can be combined with $CTNP to level up guardian parts
  • Weapon Parts—Can be combined with $CTNP to level up Guardian’s weapons
  • Raw Materials—Can be combined with $CTNP to create consumable items
  • Mystic Dust—Can be collected with $CTNP to exchange for cosmetic upgrades to weapons/parts

Player vs. Player (PvP) Battle Royale Mode: In this mode, players can battle against each other either in teams or solo. The map will feature an array of spectacular environments, including overgrown forests, barren wastelands, toxic marshlands, and a variety of mountainous terrain, all leading towards the central landmark, the ruined central metropolis of Nekovia. The key to victory is forming a balanced team composition. Owning multiple Nyans and their Guardians gives the flexibility to round out an otherwise imbalanced team composition. All the aforementioned rewards can be earned except for EXP points.

Guild Mode: Players can either create their own guilds or join other guilds to access the Guild-specific activities. By joining a Guild, players will be able to send additional Nyans and their Guardians on missions to earn loot. Rewards depend on the difficulty and the length of the mission. Guilds will also provide access to various quests around the metaverse. These will need to be completed in real-time, either solo or a group. Rewards will be distributed to all participants, with a small portion allocated for the guild. 

  • Land–also NFTs, will be used to create guilds in the game. Each parcel of land will allow a certain number of guild members to join the guild. Guilds will be able to share resources, allowing players or large entities to form scholarship programs in-game. Guilds will also be able to build various things on their land, including marketplaces, job boards, shops, repair centers, etc.

RPG Mode: This mode will provide users with limitless options to roleplay in the world of Eden, whether in Nekovia itself or the neighboring city of Inusha. They can set up shops, start restaurants or build their own game. 

Game Tokens

Nyan Heroes features a dual token system—$NYN and $CTNP.

$NYN is the governance token powering the entire ecosystem. There will be a fixed supply with a predetermined unlock schedule over four years to ensure all participating stakeholders remain well incentivized. 

It will be distributed initially to:

  • Core Team
  • Public Sale
  • Investors
  • Ecosystem Treasury
  • PlayToEarn Reward

The token will be used for the following:

  • Governance
  • Staking
  • Ecosystem expansion via treasury which collected transaction and burning fees.
  • Redistribution of revenue to stakeholders

$CTNP is the in-game token. Players can earn this token as a reward for various tasks, including a victory in PvP, adventure mode, guild quests, and giant raids. The token can be used to upgrade equipment and parts, craft consumables, and purchase cosmetic skins. $CTNP can also be freely traded amongst players in the open economy.

In the PvP mode, players can pay yield farmers in $CTNP to perform daily tasks and quests, complete missions, and trade subsequent rewards with each other. It can also be used to pay mercenaries to assist with difficult missions or raids. The token supply will not be capped to support a growing user base. 

The token will be required for the following gameplay progressions:

  • To level up gear and parts.
  • To create consumables from raw materials.
  • For purchasing rare cosmetic skins for Nyans.
  • For minting new NFTs, characters, and items.


NyanDAO comprises a collective of all Nyan Heroes Genesis NFT holders, intending to save one billion cats. The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will use a dashboard to track the amount of funds sent to cat shelters, providing a tangible representation of mission progress over time. 

NyanDAO will be supported by three main pillars:  

  • Community Growth: Through Nyan Heroes players and supporters.
  • Ecosystem Growth: Through partnerships with other Web3 projects.
  • Culture: NyanDAO will engage with brands, artists, lifestyle bloggers, and potentially even celebrities. 

NyanDAO Treasury will be used to fund contributors, allow for grant proposals and create a system where NyanDAO can potentially invest in other promising Web3 projects. This Treasury will be trackable on-chain in real-time. NyanDAO Council members will be chosen by the Nyan Heroes team and other members who are voted into the Council by the community to ensure fairness.

Team Background and Funding

Wraya and Max Fu founded the Nyan Heroes project together. Wraya is an influencer with over 30 Million followers across social media platforms. She has a degree in accounting and business and has years of experience as Head of Digital Marketing for E-Web Marketing and SavvySME. Maxmerro is Wraya’s business partner and supported her as head of market research, product development, and overall business strategy. He has a background in Medicine, Surgery, and social media growth. Together they make a dynamic duo capable of building an organic and supportive community. 

Other key members include:

  • Heisenberglit - Rust Developer
  • Djip - Fullstack Developer 
  • Betsy - Concept Artist
  • Brycent - Advisor/Growth

Nyan Heroes Raises $2.5 million in Seed Round Funding. The round was led by Three Arrows Capital, Mechanism Capital, and DeFiance Capital. Other strategic backers include Sino Global Capital, Infinity Ventures Capital, Solana Ventures, Skyvision Capital, Yield Guild Games, and Merit Circle. Other notable angel investors include Kevin Lin (Twitch), Thomas Vu (Riot Games), Jihan Wu (Matrixport), Darren Lau (The Daily Ape), and MrBlock.

Recent Developments

As previously reported by Web3Wire, Nyan Heroes partnered with MetaGaming Guild. The Guild will support the game through its scholarship program and the community DAO. It will grant scholars access to Genesis Guardians, empowering them to earn more in-game rewards as $CTNP.  

Web3Wire also reported about the game’s partnership with IndiGG–sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games (YGG) looking to create a PlayToEarn hub in India. Nyan Heroes also partnered with YGG to bring their scholarship program and onboard their massive player base to the game’s ecosystem. 

Web3Wire also hosted Max Fu from Nyan Heroes for a livestream in Januar 2021.

Nyan Heroes partnered with Blockchain Space to provide more tools to help guilds and DAOs scale and level up. It also donated $250,000 of the profits from the first NFT drop to the Best Friends Animal Society–a leading animal welfare organization. 

On January 28, 2022, it announced a partnership with IQ Protocol. This partnership will enable Nyan Heroes players to buy/sell/rent their NFTs in order to earn additional income.   

Additionally, Web3Wire reported about the project unveiling the game’s trailer on April 21. The trailer was created on Unreal Engine 5 and gave a sneak peek of 3 Nyan cats piloting their Guardian Mechs and fighting against their starlight Corp in the post-cataclysmic metaverse of Nekovia. The trailer comes in time just before the game’s governance token, NYN tokens’, initial DEX offering (IDO) scheduled in May 2022. The alpha release of the game is scheduled to be revealed in Q4 2022.

Concluding Thoughts

With the impending launch of the Solana-based game at the end of this year, it is too early to judge the playability and engagement levels that the game could bring. However, leading up to the upcoming IDO of the NYN token, the team behind the game has built a healthy community that is waiting for the game to launch and use their Nyan NFTs. Nyan Heroes has become one of the most-anticipated games in the rapidly expanding GameFi ecosystem on the Solana network. 

Find more about Nyan Heroes here:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Whitepaper | Instagram | Telegram | Discord | Youtube | Linktree

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