Realized Rhapsody: Powering NFT Traders Through Digestible Analytics

NFT enthusiasts have a new tool to help them identify ‘alpha’ projects, based on the innovative sourcing of data directly from the Solana blockchain.

July 9, 2022

What is Realized Rhapsody:

Realized Rhapsody is a Solana-based project that seeks to empower Non-fungible Token (NFT) collectors and traders through the aggregation of data. Realized Rhapsody allows users to check both price actions of existing NFTs as well as check the status of NFTs currently minting.

The main product of Realized Rhapsody is NFT Insights, an agile-developed analytics solution that directly mines the Solana blockchain to source its data. NFT data is messy and confusing in its original form - Realized Rhapsody takes the vague numbers and transforms them into simple and direct equations that users can easily understand.


Meet the Team Behind the Dream

The team behind Realized Rhapsody is diverse and experienced, with each member bringing a unique set of skills to the project’s development and maintenance. Some of the team have been involved in the Solana NFT space since the very beginning, granting them insight into how the industry has progressed on the network.

Below is an introduction to some of the key members of Realized Rhapsody:

Solspyder - Solspyder is the lead data engineer for Realized Rhapsody. Solspyder brings over 15 years of experience in data integration, data warehousing, and business intelligence to the table. Solspyder has held senior positions in multiple tech companies, both start-ups and publicly-traded enterprises, and has even founded 3 of their own start-up companies.

Unrealized - Unrealized is the lead software engineer for Realized Rhapsody. Unrealized has over 15 years of experience in software development and cloud architecture. Unrealized has been a part of multiple start-ups and major tech companies in senior roles, and has also dabbled extensively as a crypto miner and enthusiast.

Tree - Tree is the business development/product design expert for Realized Rhapsody. Tree has over 6 years of experience in both B2B high-ticket sales and in the tech start-up industry, as well as a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance.

Cryptomane - Cryptomane is one of two marketing managers for Realized Rhapsody. Cryptomane brings over 5 years of experience in crypto, as well as significant knowledge of Discord, Twitter, and online gaming.

BDC - BDC is the other marketing manager for the project. Much like Cryptomane, BDC also has over 5 years of experience in crypto and has significant experience on Twitter and Discord. A YouTube content creator and influencer, BDC brings valuable experience in digital and social media marketing to the project.

What Makes Realized Rhapsody Unique


The scope of Realized Rhapsody’s vision is a large reason the project stands out; from a list of thousands of NFT projects, Realized Rhapsody users can ‘drill down’ to view the data of a single NFT. This versatility means anyone from first-time minters to ‘degenerate apes’ can find utility in the project.

Another major departure from similar data/analytic providers is that Realized Rhapsody sources its data directly from the Solana blockchain. While there are analytics available from secondary markets, these are based on data from APIs and not the blockchain itself. This manner of sourcing data lends credibility to Realized Rhapsody while also removing inherent bias from the aggregated data.

Current Features

Realized Rhapsody plans to go through three phases (or ‘Versions’) of development, with Version 1 being available at launch. Version 1 will be centered around mint data as the project believes that this is a relatively untapped analytical resource. 

In Version 1, users will be able to see mint price trends, project supply levels, overall Solana NFT project launch trends, and more. 


Future Features

Realized Rhapsody has plans to include a wide range of features in Versions 2 and 3. Some of these features include:

  • Daily/weekly mint volume
  • First/last mint dates
  • Secondary market data (volume, price trends, etc.)
  • Minter experience levels (how many mints a wallet has participated in)
  • Average mint prices over time for sold-out collections
  • Average mint prices over time based on supply groups
  • Average minter distribution coefficient over time for sold-out collections

A full list of features from all three versions can be found in the Realized Rhapsody roadmap on Magic Eden.

For more information about Realized Rhapsody, visit the following links:

Website | Magic Eden Page | Twitter | Linktree


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