The Cryptic Society NFT: A Brief Overview

Filipino lead NFT project looks to help ease the transition from the real world to the metaverse.

June 21, 2022

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The Cryptic Society, a Filipino profile picture NFT project built on the Polygon network, is a collection of 7,777 avatars representing an exclusive but collaborative society.

The team bridges the gap between local artists and their audiences by building a community where people can freely interact using NFT technology. Web3Wire reached out to the team to learn more about the project.

“TCS is one of the pioneers of NFT here in the Philippines and the first DAO ever established,” James, CoFounder of the project, shares with Web3Wire. “TCS listens to the community as much as we care for them. Staking is one of our holders' most anticipated events wherein the TCS token can be used for more exclusive perks, merchandises, airdrops, and future projects of the TCS company.”
Source: Cryptic Society Website

The project is now in its airdrop phase, where holders get $TCS tokens from their staked NFTs. Holders will eventually be able to exchange these tokens for crypto or other items. In addition, TCS helps build the local Web3 scene by introducing fellow Filipinos to the space through talks and scholarship programs for various NFT games.

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What is the Cryptic Society:

The Cryptic Society is a Filipino NFT profile picture project on the Polygon network. The team looks to create an exclusive community that helps introduce the international web3 scene to help grow the local blockchain community. It is a collection of 7,777 avatars representing a person in the metaverse.

Where to find The Cryptic Society:

Website | Twitter | OpenSea | Whitepaper


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