Titan Maker Explains How it Rewards Investors

Titan Maker created the Golden Ticket NFT to allow investors to participate in new launches without leaving their TMKR tokens or participating in random whitelist lotteries.

April 29, 2022

Golden Ticket NFT

Titan Maker released details on how they will reward their investors for being part of the organization. According to a recent Medium article from April 25, Titan Maker wants to aid the continued growth of the Cronos chain while educating people about their organization. For this reason, they created the Golden Ticket campaign, which is currently active.

Through the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection, investors can access limited-edition tickets that guarantee a one-off spot on the whitelist for any new Titan Maker token IDO. In this way, investors can participate in new launches without having to stake TMKR tokens or win random whitelist lotteries.

“We fully recognize just how important and incredible investors are for a DeFi project, and our Golden Ticket campaign is our way of showing that to you all,” Titan Maker says in the Medium article, adding that, “Having an active community is very important to us and helps us both grow and spread awareness to new investors, which benefits all, and as such, we feel that level of loyalty should be rewarded.” 

Ways to Get Golden Ticket

There are multiple ways you can have access to a Golden ticket:

  1. Participating in Titan Maker's Learn & Earn online education program, which teaches investors about their company and the Cronos network in general. 
  2. You can earn higher level tickets by interacting with Titan Maker to create engaging artwork, articles, memes, videos on YouTube or TikTok or educate others on the game. There are three tiers to earn - silver, gold, and diamond - each with a more significant IDO allocation.
  3. The final way to get the NFTs is to be chosen by Titan Maker's executive team on a bi-weekly basis, and the NFTs will be airdropped to those who have been selected. 

Titan Maker also offers a top-up feature, which means that you can buy and stake some of their native TMKR tokens to upgrade your NFT ticket to the next tier. Titan Maker confirmed that these tickets have no value or use beyond their IDO allocation and are not tradable. Holders will have the opportunity to join the incubating projects' investment party before anyone else.

The Titan Maker Collection currently has 1350 tickets available, divided into 1000 silver, 250 gold, and 100 diamond tickets. You can learn more about how to earn tickets by heading over to the Titan Maker Telegram channel. Titan Maker also has a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 24-hour regret refund policy. 

What is Titan Maker:

Titan Maker is an incubator and launch platform for early-stage projects on Cronos. The platform leverages a unique merit-based system that assigns Titan Points to the highest quality users based on both on-chain and off-chain metrics. Titan Makers is backed by Peech Capital, Matrix Capital, Mintable, and BlokHash ventures. Their native token is $TMKR.

Learn more about Titan Maker:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper | Telegram 

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