Titan Maker Explains Important Features

The Cronos-based platform recently gave some insight into what makes it exciting as a project.

May 6, 2022

Spreading the Word

Titan Maker has released an overview of its features and how they impact users. The launchpad and incubator released the overview on Medium on April 30th to help kick-start further community engagement. 

“Our project understands the value of engaged investors, so we reward your interaction with our platform and the projects we incubate via our unique proprietary merit-based system,” the Medium post reads.

Main Features

Titan Maker revealed what it believed were its main features that benefitted users. The features range from protection against major losses to educational programs and investor rewards.

24 Hour Refund

The 24-hour refund feature is aimed for investors suffering from buyers remorse. If an investor purchases tokens in an IDO but ends up unhappy with their purchase, for a small fee they can return the tokens and get their investment back. 

14-Day Insurance

This feature helps assure investors that their investments are safe. If there are any technical issues or other occurrences that adversely affect an IDO, investors will be fully refunded up to 14 days after the IDO.  

Losing Streak Prevention

IDOs can often be difficult to get a spot for, especially if the project has any hype surrounding its launch. Titan Maker seeks to combat this through losing streak prevention; the platform tracks wallets that have attempted to gain entry to IDOs unsuccessfully and promotes them for entry to future IDOs.

Educational Programs

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) can be intimidating for new users. Recognizing this, Titan Maker has launched two educational programs for new investors: Learn & Earn and Learn & Educate.

Learn & Earn is a 5-step course that provides users with useful information about Titan Maker and Cronos in general. Learn & Educate is an expansion to Learn & Earn, giving investors tools to benefit others in the community. Both programs reward participants with Golden Tickets or Titan Points.

Gamified IDOs

Titan Maker plans to tie the Titan World metaverse into IDOs. The platform will offer a play-to-earn segment that rewards users with IDO allocations and other rewards, according to the Titan Maker website. The gamification will work in synthesis with the Titan Maker merit-based point system that determines IDO placement.

What is Titan Maker?

Titan Maker is an incubator and launch platform for early-stage projects on Cronos. The platform leverages a unique merit-based system that assigns Titan Points to the highest quality users based on both on-chain and off-chain metrics. Titan Makers is backed by Peech Capital, Matrix Capital, Mintable, and BlokHash ventures. Their native token is $TMKR.

Learn more about Titan Maker:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper | Telegram 


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